Sunday, May 29, 2016

Bits of our Daily Life...

First, I must say that I am so grateful to have Donna with me half way around the world.  It makes a difference!  We are enjoying the Philippines, learning our assignments, and meeting the people and missionaries.

It is still mango season in our part of the world.  Mangos are being sold (and given away) all over the place.  This part of the Philippines is the mango capital...and home of the sweetest mangos in the world.  We were given some mangos and couldn't eat them fast enough.  They are now cut up and in the freezer just waiting to be made into "ripe mango" shakes.
"Under the Mango Tree!"

This is an old, and huge, mango tree!  I'm holding a green mango.  In restaurants I have been ordering "green mango" shakes which are a little more tart.  I love them!

This week has been my lesson in frustration.  First there are MANY documents that have disappeared from my computer!  Now, as I'm trying to recreate them, WORD is not letting me put pictures where I need them.  Even the young Elders can't figure out what is going on!  I decided to go onto another project that I could do.  I studied the Mission Secretary Binder last night looking for answers.  Hopefully this next week the frustrations will be solved!  Thank goodness I don't need these documents for another 4 weeks...I started early!

Cutest Children Ever!
A Home...I love the grass roof!
I have some pictures we took as we traveled around doing our errands.  Homes, streets, and people.  The children actually live close by.  They were helping get rocks for the Elders so they could roast the pigs.

Speaking of roasting pigs, we have 2 "Islander" missionaries in our Branch this transfer.  They are planning a Branch Luau.  The whole Branch is getting involved.  Each organization is learning a dance and song from different islands.  We will be having our own miniature Polynesian Cultural Center experience.  Watch for those pictures later this summer!

Beautiful green Rice Fields
Back street 
Some of the rice fields are green right now.  They are ready to harvest when they turn golden, like wheat.  As we drive around, some of the rice fields have already been harvested, some have the stubble burned, and some have white flags to distinguish being ready for harvest.  The season seems to be long and the fields/crops can be in different stages even right next to each other.                           

"The Home of the Most Beautiful Women in the World"
This back street picture was taken after we left an apartment of our young Sisters.  It is part of Olongapo. We end up going into Olongapo about twice a least once. 

This Olongapo City arch is something we pass every week.  On the right end of the sign are pictures of former beauty queens...I think Miss Universe's.  

We are approaching rainy season which lasts for about 4 months or more.  Last week we had one of the hardest rains I have ever seen!  The Elders were out and said areas were flooded.  Donna and I were safe and comfortable inside.  We were sure that our power was going to go out any minute.  It didn't!  Power outages happen a couple of times a week...they are called "brown out's".  They have become just part of our lives.

My scripture reading this morning was at the beginning of the Book of Mormon...the Introduction, testimony of the witnesses, and the testimony of Joseph Smith.  Too often in reading the Book of Mormon I have skipped these pages thinking they were not important for me.  Oh!  They are important!!  I know that the Book of Mormon is scripture and a testament of Jesus Christ.  I am so grateful that I have easy access to this beautiful book.  I am grateful that I have eyes to read, ears to listen to, and a mouth to read aloud these words of scripture.

May you have a wonderful week!!  Donna and I think of you, talk about you, and pray for you often.  We love our family and friends.  Even though we are far away, you are not forgotten in our hearts.

You are loved!
Sister Sisters Diane Epperson and Donna Hays