Sunday, July 10, 2016

"Mission Tour" and More!

You are getting a double dose this week.  Donna finished her entry last night and said it was my turn to write today.  I reminded her that if I did, it would be her turn again in a week!

We have heard from several friends and family members asking about our safety and the typhoon.  The typhoon didn't hit us, but we have had hard rains for six days now.  Donna and I sat out on the porch last night just to watch.  We love the rain and are grateful that we don't have to always be in it. This is the funny sight we saw on our way to Olongapo this morning...a young man in high rubber boots, umbrella, and light shorts and shirt (PJ's?).  Two funerals passed us during the pouring rains.  The casket is in front, the walking loved ones, and then jeepneys pulling other friends and family.  This is a picture of the loved ones walking behind the the pouring rain!  And then the third picture...Donna and I sitting in church with our matching 'plastic' shoes (for the rain). We are so grateful for plastic shoes!!  Who would have guessed?

Rainy Day Sights!!

For three days this week we sat with a General Authority, our Philippines Area President, Elder Ian Ardern and his wife.  I don't have pictures, but it has been the highlight of our week...or mission.  It is called a Mission Tour when a General Authority visits and teaches to all the mission.  

One of the greatest things I learned was to always ACT on the revelation I receive because it will increase the flow of revelation. 

The Bon Family
On Wednesday night, Elder Ardern and his wife had dinner with 8 senior missionaries.  It was wonderful to sit in a small group and to ask any question we had.  We loved every minute!!

We had another baptism yesterday.  One of our armed guards joined the church last December.  Yesterday his wife and son were baptized.  It was a very happy day. Two other young men were baptized, also.

Some of the sights we see: Soy sauce any one?  Caribou in the rice fields and in the streets.  Two missionaries crammed into a Trike for transportation.  And a jeepney...the other mode of transportation for a Filipino!

Elder Paraggua
Today, we went to Olongapo for church because we had to do an 'exit' visit with a young sister before she flies to New Zealand tomorrow.  She was a 'visa' waiter and after eight months she finally gets to go to the mission she was called to. On the way home, we stopped at the hospital to visit a young Elder that was admitted last week.  Before we left his room, he sang to us.  He is finally feeling better and had his big smile again.

Enjoy your week!  We appreciate all the prayers being said for us.  Thank you!
Love to you!
Sister Sisters Diane and Donna

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