Sunday, May 21, 2017

Am I correct??

One of our favorite people says "am I correct? or am I right??!!!!!"  It took me a minute to figure out his jest!  He made me laugh!  That is always good!

I continue to marvel at the miracles and tender mercies around me.  I grew up knowing that I was very blessed, but I don't think I realized the magnitude of those blessings.  I am trying to better recognize those blessings and thank my Father in Heaven each day for the daily miracles.  I realized in these few sentences I used miracle, tender mercy, and blessings all to mean the same thing and often they do.

Today, I saw a certain beautiful young woman for the first time in over 6 months!  She just radiated.  Her name is Jehda, and she was one of the first Filipinas we came to love.  She was baptized about a year ago and was a part of our lives.  She has come back to this area for awhile, and I am thrilled!  I am afraid that there are so many of these wonderful people of the Philippines that I am never going to see again.  I will always have them in my heart.  

Below are some of my favorite sights as I travel around the mission.  I call them the traveling vendors, and they come in all sorts and sizes.  I keep getting surprised at what I see and how they are traveling.  It is never a boring drive for me.  I wish I was better at capturing scenes on camera.  I miss so many of them.

Traveling Vendors
Donna, Sister Hays, isn't with me today.  She traveled to Manila yesterday to catch a plane for Norway to be with her daughter and family.  Lauren has had a health crisis that needed her mother by her side.  Donna will catch us all up next week.
Good-bye sister companion!!

Good-bye my sister companion!  She is Financial Secretary of the Mission. We are going to do our best to not leave a horrible mess for her to repair when she returns.  My first big hurdle is tomorrow with the departing missionaries.  We love them and want them to be free of any hassles in their travels.  

A side note about our departing missionaries...our two elder trainers, Elder Kresge and Elder Hollis, are going home tomorrow!!  They were our rocks!  There were four Elders in the office when we arrived last year.  They were running the whole office by themselves.  The senior couple that we replaced had been gone for over a month!!  It is going to be a very hard departing devotional for me tomorrow.

Our first Office Elders
This is a throwback to our first week.  One of the mother's sent matching ties for them to wear to our first training...Elders Daquero, Hollis, Heta, and Kresge.  Elder Hollis was my trainer and Elder Kresge was the trainer for Sister Hays.  How we love these Elders! 

This week is FULL of activities/work.  I will pray for a clear mind so that I don't forget any of the many details of my responsibilities while Donna is gone! 

Love to you!

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