Sunday, July 23, 2017

New Seniors & More!

Sunday morning I woke up to a text from our new senior couple.  They were at the Manila Airport and nobody seemed to be expecting them that early!  I called my contact at the Area Travel office and she quickly took charge, but Elder and Sister Carver were sitting at the airport for hours just waiting.  That is a horrible way to start your mission...welcome to the Philippines Elder and Sister Carver!  We were so anxious to finally meet them!  After church and resting on Sunday and then fingerprinting & paperwork on Monday (that didn't happen!!!), they finally got in a van for their 4 hour ride to the Mission Office...but the driver got lost!  They did finally arrive,
Elder and Sister Carver
and we were all so happy they were finally here!

The Carver's are living in the apartment next door to us above the office.  They were able to rest a little before joining us for dinner and visiting at the Mission Home.  They had a long and tedious journey since Friday when they left the Provo MTC, and they are still so cheerful and positive!!

Elder and Sister Carver are being trained to take over for Sister Hays and I in the office.  We are so glad that we have a few months with them for this transition.  Our weeks are busy, and we don't always have tons of time to stay in the office...something else is always needing our attention.

One day we had to go north to check out a new place for elders to live.  After a look around, we decided WE wanted to move into this home!  Look at these happy faces!...Elder De Guzman, Escoto, Paguigan, and Fuifui. We call this the "beach house".  It is a giant home on the beach.  As it turns out, the owner is sectioning the home into two separate spaces.  The Elders will live on the main level.
Botolan Beach House
President and Sister Lacanienta served a mission in the Philippines recently and were only home about 18 months before returning to serve here.  Because of that, their driver's licenses were expired.  We went with them to get the licenses renewed.  It was a madhouse and hot, but they survived!
The Lacanienta's with 'fan in hand'

It is never a dull or boring ride when you are in the car on the streets and highways of the Philippines.  There is so much beauty to behold...and then there are those things we see and don't quite understand.  Much of the Philippines lifestyle is different from home.  I know this is to be expected whenever I travel in the United States or far from home.  It makes me smile!

These bottom pictures are show stoppers...Trikes carry all sorts of things from people, animals, and furniture...AND canoes!!  The canoe was unusual enough BUT on this rainy day, there were people IN the canoe being carried by a trike!  The sideways picture is of pigs either going to market or to home.  Pork is a staple food in the Philippines.  The last picture is a hilarious protective helmet.  I wish I has gotten a closer picture.

One of my favorite things is to be with the young missionaries.  They are always hungry, and we love to take them for a meal and treats!  The faces are always happy and they are so appreciative.
The young missionaries in these pictures are: Sisters Calimlim, Borres, Pagatpatan, and Colati.  Elders Zamora, Bulloch, Nelson, and Breinholt.  And our Office Elders--Elders Tofa, Abala, Spring, and Magalei.

It is rainy season!!!  It was full force yesterday with very hard rain and wind for over 30 hours.  Elder and Sister Carver were initiated superbly!  
The Carver's were also initiated to our "no electricity" stand-off's.  The electric company is still working on new lines down the highway next to our home.  This week that meant we had two 8-5:00 days of no electricity (and no water, internet, or air conditioning).  We couldn't work in the office so we all took off and accomplished some of the other tasks that we needed to do.

This is a little friend.  We live on the second floor, and I'm not sure how this cat found it's way to our kitchen window!  Just one more thing that made me smile!

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