Sunday, August 14, 2016

it's raining, it' pouring ...

the biggest story here this week continues to be the weather.  it has rained steadily for six days now.  sometimes it's light and sometimes torrential but it's been non-stop ... literally ... NON-STOP!  now THIS is what i expected from rainy season!  there has been some localized flooding here and there but everything eventually runs down to the sea.  it's really amazing that the whole place isn't under water with the amount of rain that has fallen.  we still continue to love hearing it on our rooftop and watching it from the windows, even being out in it is fun occasionally.  still wouldn't want to be one of the young missionaries who is soaked to the skin every single day though.

it's been a typically busy week but, of course, with different challenges (as no two days are the same!) ... two elders in the hospital who have, thankfully, gotten (almost) clean bills of health after some pretty scary diagnoses, and will be back among us soon, leadership training meeting with some pretty spectacular young people, and wearing my finance secretary hat, i completed the 2017 budget analysis for the olongapo mission and submitted our proposal to the area office (i have to give daryl the credit on that one cuz there's no way i did that on my own!).

just a thought in closing ... be extra kind to the missionaries that may cross your path.  they are young men and women called to serve the Lord with all their heart, might, mind and strength.  they love the work but could use a kind face and maybe a cold drink of water (and food every now and again is appreciated!).

and a tender mercy ... today in relief society, i turned to the lesson and this beautiful reminder of home was in the manual!  it's such a comfort to me that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the same all over the world, yesterday, today and forever.

well, i'm going to go watch the rain some more.  come what may, and love it!


  1. Miracle that there was your own temple in that book. He knows how to be blessed and grateful.

  2. I wrote a long piece but it's not here