Monday, August 8, 2016

Transfer Week...What is it like?

First, I must say that Donna's blog entry last week was right on target!  We are so blessed!  We talk about that all the time.  The Filipinos are such happy people, and they don't have all the 'material' things in their lives.  That is a great lesson to learn!

It was transfer week again, and we had 2 of our office Elders leave for another assignment and we got 2 others.  We are sad for 'our' loss, and yet excited to get to know our new Elders.  We think they are going to be wonderful, and we love them already!  I don't know how that happens, but our love and appreciation grows every time we are around a, all the time!

On Transfer Week, Monday is the day the departing (for home) missionaries arrive at the Mission Home for departing activities.  One of those activities is talking individually with Sister Hays and I.  She talks to them about money, and I talk to them about their travel and mission folder.  

For the departing missionaries there are interviews with President Dahle, dinner and a testimony meeting.  Our hearts are full as we listen to their strong testimonies and mission experiences.  It is getting harder and harder each transfer to see them go...because we are getting to know our missionaries better...and it's only been 3.3 months since we arrived!  What is it going to be like in a year??!!  I am amazed at the strong, valiant, and humble young men and women we are sending home each transfer.  They are going to make a huge difference in their Wards/Branches and families...and world.

Tuesday is the day the departing missionaries have a career workshop, lunch, and then go to Manila by bus.  When the Manila Temple is open, they get to go to the temple for the first time since their mission began 18-24 months before.  They are so excited for that!  They spend the night in Manila and then on Wednesday they head for their homes and families!

On Wednesday when the departing missionaries are flying home, our new missionaries arrive from Manila by bus.  We love being at the bus station to greet them.  They come to the Mission Home for their welcoming activities...lunch, interview, questionnaire, orientation with Donna and I and Sister Dahle, dinner and testimony meeting.  Oh, this is such a long day for these new missionaries!!  After all of this, they are taken to a hotel for the night.  

Note two things in this picture...1) new missionary so tired he can't keep his head up and 2) President Dahle eating with a fork and large spoon!  Yes, that is how we eat.  You cut meat and push things onto your fork with a spoon!

All our new missionaries and their trainers...August 2016

On Thursday morning the new missionaries begin some training by the young assistants to the President (AP's).  The new missionaries are matched up with an experienced missionary as their trainer (for their first 12 weeks).  They are so excited to find out who that is.  In an earlier blog entry we talked about the activity of lining up across from each other and opening an envelope...and the happy chaos the happens.  Then there is lunch, receiving their bedding, and off they go to their new areas!

Those missionaries that are just moving to a new area from where they have been working, find out on Wednesday night.  They pack and are at the bus station early Thursday morning!  This is a fast switch and what transfers are all about.  As you can imagine, the whole mission is in an upheaval every 6 weeks.

We had a birthday this week!  Elder Ancog, our next door neighbor and office Elder, turned 24 on Thursday.  We had all the missionaries in our Branch (6) come over to celebrate at 9:00pm on their way home.  We love our missionaries!  To see them excited and loving the attention is very worth it.  We had brownies and ice cream for them all and a small personal treat for the one having the birthday.

Elders Bray, Ancog, Hardy, Vaoiva, Tui'one, and Nelson

A new senior couple came a week ago to take the place of Elder and Sister Gardner.  The Gardner's have one month left before they go home to Utah.  We aren't the new missionaries any more!  Yippee!  President and Sister Dahle are gaining more confidence in our abilities.  We see that because we keep getting new things assigned for us to do!  

In my studies today, I was reminded from Moroni 7:33 that Jesus Christ said "If ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me."  We'll see if I have enough faith in Christ to accomplish anything He wants me to do! 

Enjoy a fabulous new week!  You are loved!
Sister Sisters Donna and Diane  (Diane)  (Donna)


  1. Sounds so very exciting over there. ..and so oooo very busy with very long hours but very fulfilling and emotional. I know everyone single missionary loves u 2 soooo much.

  2. Sounds so very exciting over there. ..and so oooo very busy with very long hours but very fulfilling and emotional. I know everyone single missionary loves u 2 soooo much.

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