Sunday, October 2, 2016

all creatures of our God and King ...

i had a great birthday, as you saw from diane's post last week.  it is definitely one i will remember!  thanks for the love and wishes!

what sounds like a cow mooing but there is no cow?  frogs ... and LOTS of them.  mostly we hear the constant drone of motorcycles, cars, jeepneys and trikes out our windows but we also get the sounds of nature daily.  we have a large pond 15 feet from our property and it is loaded with frogs.  it's fun to watch the kids 'fishing' for dinner.  since it is rainy season, the constant croaking of frogs is part of natures symphony.  there is also a rooster section across the street!  

thought i would include some of the little critters that act like they own our place too.  actually they were probably here long before we were!  there are spiders in the window when we shower and occasionally they drop in and say 'hi'.  there are the beetles that grace our stairwell (that the janitor says are delicious, by the way - taste like jerky), but apparently you don't want to eat them this time of year unless you find them in the forest.  good to know!  the cutest, most delicate, little flies i've ever seen are abundant and the head of the gecko household who doesn't bother to eat any of them!  there are several gecko offspring in the house and porch as well but they are too speedy to photograph.  and my list wouldn't be complete without mentioning the ants that are ever present.  they are little magicians as they just appear on our hands or our faces/necks/legs or computers.  

i can't think too much about all our houseguests when it's lights out or i would never be able to fall asleep.  hope they have fun crawling on us in the night!

okay ...  it started out fun (?) for me to do this blog but it has been nothing but a lesson in frustration and causes me such undo aggravation i have to stop.  adding pictures is ridiculous because i can't put them anywhere close to where i want them and who knows why it decided to underline a whole section and won't let me un-underline it - it is beyond my comprehension.  was going to add more pictures but i'm done.  sorry for how this will probably look.  we can't even preview it because it always looks different than it appears.  whatever.  table for Grumpy, party of one!  sorry!  this should be a happy place!

this is general conference weekend and since we are 14 hours ahead of salt lake, it is live for us at midnight and 4am.  we tried to watch the saturday sessions when we got home from church but could only get the audio of the saturday morning session.  i always look forward to hearing the words of our Prophet and Apostles and am anxious to hear all 10 hours soon!  there is always inspiration to be had.  hopefully we will be able to watch them this week, but if not, they will be broadcasting them next weekend at church.

hope you are all happy and healthy.  and maybe i'll give it another try in a couple weeks.  stay tuned! love you more than you know.              donna

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