Monday, October 10, 2016

Through our eyes this week...

Here is a wrap-up of some of our week...

It is Christmas...or so you would think.  There isn't snow, not even chilly weather, but there are decorations and music everywhere you go.  This is the theme here...the BER months are here.  If it is the BER months, then you can decorate and prepare for Christmas.

One day we were asked to help sisters and luggage and supplies get to their new homes.  We went places in the mission that we have never been before.  We rely on a GPS that doesn’t know the streets!  Then we try to get directions from the young missionaries who don’t drive and only know their own proselyting area.  We did find our way, but we were frustrated a couple of times.  We love helping.  We love being with the young missionaries.  We love seeing the Philippines.  So, it was a good day…that took all day!

One day we had Follow-Up Training.  This is for the new batch of missionaries that have only been with us for 4 weeks and their trainers.  They come from all over the mission.  I love to see the growth that happens to a missionary in their first month with us.  It is pretty amazing.  I don’t think parents have any clue what happens to their “child” when they devote their life to the Lord and His work.

One day we had the Mission Leadership Council (MLC).  This is my favorite, but I say that about each event.  MLC is when the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders come together to learn and share with each other and President and Sister Dahle.  I love this because we witness 18-23 year olds share inspiration, counsel together, and lead!  These returned missionaries are going to be fantastic leaders and adults in this world of ours!

One day we had another baptism.  This young couple are amazing.  Their last name is Abias.  They were scheduled to be baptized last week, but their 4 month old baby got sick.  The baby died the next day!!  The couple were determined to be baptized.  They didn’t want to put it off any longer.  They truly understand the Plan of Salvation.  

This weekend is when our Branch watches General Conference.  It was too hard for us to go all week without watching the sessions…so we watched them on our computers!  We were watching as soon as they were on the internet.  I feel like I cheated.  The young missionaries had to wait a whole week to hear General Conference.  

Elder Hardy's Birthday
One day we had another birthday celebration!  Yes, another one of our neighbors, Elder Hardy, had his birthday.  He is 20 years old!  His favorite meal of the day is breakfast, so his thoughtful housemates planned a birthday breakfast for him…with bacon courtesy of us.  Elder Nelson cooked eggs, French toast, pancakes, special hot chocolate, sliced strawberries, and all sorts of yummy things!  I can’t believe all the birthdays we have been having.  We went our first four months with no birthdays.

One day we had a whole day in the office!  We love working the mornings that we have our office Elders in there working.  They only spend a few mornings with us each week.  Some weeks other things come up for one or both of us, and we miss working with the Elders.  There are so many things that need to be done in the office each week!  Sometimes, I’m amazed that we are able to finish everything in a timely manner.

These are some of the things we saw…however, I missed so many great pictures as our days passed.  
We love our new surroundings and our new friends!
Beautiful area of the Subic Bay...lunch one day

I know I have shown pictures of the rice on the streets before, but I can't stop taking pictures!

Rice left to dry out...then it's taken to the mill

Beautiful rice fields.  It is hard to see but each little area is in a different state of harvest or growth.

Christmas decorations for sale along the streets.


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