Sunday, November 20, 2016

ol' black water, keep on rollin' ...

the title of this post is a throwback to my youth when the doobie brothers were featured prominently in my album collection!  

well, the black water is back!  this is a little disconcerting to see when you flush the toilet!  diane had to flush it about 20 times to get a semblance of clear water!  this time it happened when they 'cleaned out the pump house' ... whatever that means!  we have an elaborate 3-filter water filtration system attached to our kitchen sink and that's what we use to drink and wash dishes but i wonder if it can possibly clean out all this!  we joke about developing growths and who knows what else is happening to our insides but sometimes it doesn't seem as funny as others!  i can't think about it too much!  

while diane is fascinated with the rice, cariboa and bandits, i am fascinated by the creeping things.  
i noticed this beautiful creature on my window when i walked into the office the other day.  i don't know what it is but thought it was interesting.
we had an unusual flood of activity in our branch this week as three of our young men received mission calls!  there was so much excitement in the air today when they read their individual calls from the pulpit.  two will serve here in the philippines and the third will be serving in edmonton, alberta, canada, speaking english and french (he's going to freeze to death!).  they go out teaching with our missionaries several times a week and know the points of doctrine so well.  they have such testimonies of the truthfulness of their message so they, of course, are so excited and eager to serve.  one more elder just left this week for the missionary training center in manila.  the work is moving forward in this part of the world!

as we were leaving manila last week (we went for my last dental appointment -- finished up my $25 root canal and got my new porcelain crown!  woohoo!) this billboard caught my eye.  diane snapped a photo also and posted it on her instagram feed last week but i wanted to post mine too.  what struck me about it was that this simple message was surrounded by all the 'clutter' of the world (the other billboards).  as we enter this season of giving thanks and celebrating the birth of our Savior and Redeemer, may we all remember the simplicity of this message.  He loves us and wants to hear from us!  i'm thankful for all of you, whom i love and miss.  i pray that you are well and happy.  know that we are as we serve here with the fantastic people of the philippines.
h a p p y   t h a n k s g i v i n g !!!

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