Sunday, November 13, 2016


The Olongapo Mission received another senior couple two weeks ago.  We have a senior missionary couple that live here and serve from their home.  And then there is the super missionary couple...President and Sister Dahle.  There are 10 of us total!  (We could use you!!)

Monday we had a senior missionary meeting with breakfast in the Mission Home.  It is always wonderful to get together with other senior missionaries.  After our meeting, we had an "escape day", as one sister called it.  We had big plans to go to Nayong Village for a cultural experience.  It is going to have to be another day...when we arrived the gates and village were closed!  So.....we found a place to eat lunch and then we went to a 'Costco'-type store to shop.  We did spend the entire day together...we were just doing something totally different than originally planned.

During a week we have senior missionaries stop in the office to pick up missionary and apartment supplies to be taken somewhere in the mission.  The seniors keep the missionary apartments supplied with necessities for comfort and service.  I'm not sure how the mission would survive without the service of senior missionaries.

Donna had to go back to Manila to see the dentist.  She asked the Wright's, the couple that have their home here, if they would like to go to the temple (and drive us to Manila for Donna's appointment).  The temple has been closed for 3 months, so they were excited to have the opportunity and an excuse to go to Manila. Then, another couple wanted to go to the temple...then another senior sister had to go to the dentist!  We ended up with 7 senior missionaries and a driver going to Manila on Friday!  It was another unplanned senior missionary outing. Manila we go...

The outing began at 2:30 Friday morning!!  The Wright's like to leave early to beat the heavy Manila traffic.  We arrived without a problem and had a McDonald's breakfast before heading to the temple.  We were all able to do something in the temple before dentist appointments.  While Donna was in the dentist, I had some people I had to meet with in the Area Office.  We finished at the same time!  The others had gone to the small Family History Library and Distribution Center.  

We were all together again and ready to eat lunch before heading back.  You won't believe it, but we went to Outback Steakhouse!  We were taken to a huge outdoor mall with every American restaurant I could think of.  We were in a mini-America.  It seemed so strange!

Senior Missionaries are the best!!  Elder Robert D. Hales gave a fabulous talk on Senior Missionaries in the April 2005 Conference.  It is a must read.  Please look it up!
He talks about how every missionary experience requires faith, sacrifice, and service, and is always followed by an outpouring of blessings.  He enumerates many of those blessings.  He stresses that “ALL those who serve make an invaluable contribution in the sight of the Lord…”

I am amazed at the many opportunities for service there home and abroad.  Whatever talents, hobbies, personalities, experiences, or desires one has...there is the perfect place for you to serve.  I am a witness that service brings blessings.

Please look up Elder Hales talk and look up senior missionary opportunities on  Yes...I know I am preaching. 

Manila Temple from the steps of the Area Office

Senior Missionaries let loose in the big city!!

I think they are enjoying themselves!
Love to you all!!
Missions are the best!

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