Sunday, June 25, 2017

this is short ...

in looking through pictures for the blog this week, it didn't take me long.  i'm not a big picture taker to start with but this week was apparently the worst!  diane loaded you up last week so that will have to carry you over!  this week was filled with three days of zone conferences and a follow-up training for our newest missionaries.  we got to see every single missionary which does my heart good.  they are so joyful!  this is a picture of an 'instant choir'.  we take a break after lunch and anyone who wants to sing can join in ... always sweet.  the dahle's don't usually join in but i think they chose to because this was their last round of zone conferences.
instant choir
polynesian farewell
the conference with the last three zones on friday was particularly poignant as they were serenaded with tributes from the polynesian missionaries and then aloha'oe by a hawaiian elder that everyone joined in on.  they were clearly moved by the love.  it will be hard to say goodbye to them on saturday.
our final group - olonapo / san antonio / dinalupihan zones
their departure brings the arrival of our new mission president and his wife, ruel and pamela lacanienta.  he grew up here in the philippines, was the 60th person baptized here in 1961 and served his mission here but was educated, married, and worked in the states for the last 40+ years.  they're fellow texans!  we are really looking forward to getting to know them as we work together closely the next few months.  
Ruel and Pamela Lacanienta
and diane just sent me a few photos that i want to include just because the shortness of the people makes me smile. i've always felt a tad 'amazonian' but that feeling is magnified here!  love it!

we have both talked about the speed at which the end of our mission is approaching.  it truly feels like i blinked and here we are.  the next four months will be a flurry of activity which won't help the feeling!  there's not much that compares to this experience and i wouldn't trade it for the world.  

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