Sunday, June 18, 2017

Time goes so Quickly!

Time marches on...and sometimes it feels like it is sprinting!  President and Sister Dahle have 2 weeks left.  Then, I realize that we have about 4 months before it is Donna and I that are packing and saying good-bye to this country and people that have a section of our hearts!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that we had a senior missionary trip to Manila and the temple.  This doesn't happen near enough, but I am so grateful that it does happen!  Donna missed this trip, but we know she was where she was supposed to be.  Here are some pictures from that day: 1) a trip to the American Cemetery.  There are fields of white crosses each representing an American soldier that died fighting in the Pacific between 1941-1945.  Then there are walls and walls with all the names.  This was a very sobering experience.  I am so grateful for all who serve to preserve our freedoms.  2) These cute Filipino sisters wanted a picture with all of us 'white Americans'.  This happens everywhere we go.  Parents will even ask if their child can get a picture with us.  We are the novelty.  3) I love this sign on the expressway in Manila, "an exciting ride is just ahead".  It is a reminder to wear your seatbelt, but has so much more to its meaning!  4) The senior missionaries on the temple grounds.  Notice the 'fire' tree full of bright orange blossoms.  5) An lastly, a picture of the Manila traffic and a 'vender' selling his goods as he walks through the cars on the expressway!
Manila...June 2017
At the office, we often have 'brown outs' as they call them.  The electricity is off for a period of time...minutes or hours without warning.  This time, we were actually told ahead of time that we would be without power for two 9-hour days while they worked on installing new electric poles on the highway next to the office/apartment.  I was very pleased that I could prepare.  I hate when I am caught off guard in the middle of my computer work!  There is no way I wanted to stick around during this time.  When we don't have electricity, we don't have water because our pump is an electric pump.  That means no water to wash or flush and no power for computer, lights, and air conditioning.  I had to take this picture of the worker on the pole before I left the office.  Notice the ladder at the bottom of the pole and the worker at the top attaching wires.  I didn't see how he climbed up there!

I went for cheesecake with these cute sister missionaries
This cheesecake stop was just one of the things I did during my escape from the office.  Donna and I were introduced to this wonderful Filipino cafe that not only makes great food but also cheesecake and cinnamon rolls like home!  This is Sister Dorosan, me, Sister Secjadas, De Oro, and Cayanan.  I visited their apartment and they had just finished their weekly planning and lunch.  I thought it was time for a treat!  They were very willing to go with me, and I'm grateful that I was able to share some more time with them.  Sister Cayanan is one of our missionaries that went home this week.

These are our delightful Office Elders!...Elders Tupou, Abala, Spring, and Poulsen.  They only work in the office a few hours a week, but we love our time with them!  Transfers happened this week and two new elders took the place of Elder Tupou and Poulsen.  It is always sad to see our elders leave, but they aren't far away this time.

Rainy season is officially here.  I love the hard rains when I don't have to be out in it!  Rain means flooding around here.  We have a reminder of this as we drive on the highway and see the flood gauges I showed in my last post.

Today, I was reminded that "if we aren't working today, we aren't preparing for tomorrow".  When I look at this in the religious sense, I know that I need to work every single day to make it/me better than the day before!  I am grateful for my friends and family that set such great examples for me.  Today is Father's Day.  Donna and I had a wonderful example of faith, hope, charity and unselfishness from our father!  We miss him.

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